ForRace Minecraft Server

World Rules

> No griefing.
> No combat logging.
> No add bots to server.
> No use any hacks.
> No use server bugs.
> No logoff when pvp.
> No attack or kill Staff.
> No use Administration nicknames to login.
> Selling TOKENS to other player is not legal.
> Using FLY when fighting is not legal.
> Using any redstone auto-mining is not legal.
> Being AFK and auto-mining is not legal.

Be Peaceful

Please, be peaceful and nice to other players.

Help others and get help from others.

Chat Rules

> No advertising.
> No spamming.
> No use of curse words.
> No beg for ranks, items or tp.
> No use disallowed commands.
> No write any links.
> No spam TPA.

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