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At first, you should use /warp survival to teleport on survival map.
Now you can use /tpr to teleport on random place on map.
Useful commands:
/warp - list of all server warps
/tpr - random teleport on survival maps
/sethome - set a home
/home - back to your home
/spawn - teleport to world spawn
/tpa NICK - send request teleport to other player
/tpaccept - accept a request of teleport
/tp deny - deny a request of teleport
/msg NICK - message to player (unvisible on chat to others)

You can go to plots world by /warp plots. Use command /p auto to claim a random plot. Use /p claim when you standing on unclaimed plot to claim it.
You can back to your plot using /p home.
Useful commands:
/p auto - Claim random plot
/p claim - Claim plot on which you standing
/p home - teleport to your plot
/p add NICK - add player to your plot
/p remove NICK - remove player from your plot

To create a new clan (cost: 50$) type /clan create TAG FULL_NAME
              /clan create MCC MineCraftClan

You can also use colors (without &c and &4)
              /clan create &aMCC MineCraftClan

Using '&a' before TAG make it light green.
Useful commands:
/clan invite NICK - invite player to your clan
/clan remove NICK - remove player from your clan
/clan home set - set a clan home
/clan home - teleport to clan home
/clan resign - resign you from the clan
/clan disband - remove all clan
/clan - list of all others clan commands

To protect your home, use a DIAMOND BLOCK.
Place it inside or outside your home.
Every Diamond Block protect area of 20x20 blocks.
Make sure your buildings is enought protected from destroying or stealing.
You can check protection by click on floor with any tool (pickaxe, shovel etc.)

You can earn money by:
- Mining stone or others
- Killing mobs
- Selling your items in shop on /warp shop


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© Copyright 2018 ForRace- All Rights Reserved